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We are happy to welcome you on your trip in israel! There are plenty of things you can see and experience around the country but no doubt that the most beautiful and special places are the ones that will make you enjoy the beautiful desert , the unique craters, enjoy the treatments in the dead sea or walking to some of the niciest and chilly waterfalls in the North of Israel.
Camping U, will supply all that you need in order to have an unique, unforgettable experience with nature, includes:
• Renting all the gear you need for a calm, fun and quiet camping. equipment rental – everything you need to go out there and start hiking and camping comfortably. (tent, sleeping bags, cooking gear and more!)
• Getting maps, side Accessories, special recepies , profetional tips and more.
• All the information you need about camping in israel.
We will make sure you get everything you need, the best equipment and all the information so you’ll fell 100% relaxed, comfertable and energetic going out for camping!
From now on you have CAMPING-U.

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Our History

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CAMPING-U was established by two former district administrators form the Boy Scout movement, who has great experience in field trips and camping. Our desire is to bring the added value, which we believe inherent going out to the field, to families and travelers, which are not experienced in field trips and ones who couldn't recreate their experience. Moreover we would like to help tourist who are visiting Israel go hiking on their own without the need in organized tours.

Using CAMPING-U, families and tourists can create direct encounter and detached from their laptops and other technology.

A word from Anat

Why did I initiate and set up Camping U?
The air that fills the lungs at every exit to the open space, and the outdoor seating full of stars, are what created in me the desire to make it easier to go out into the field for other people, so that they can experience and enjoy this feeling.

I was born in 1984, I have held a variety of positions in the administrative avenue of the Scout movement. I started my career as a tribal coordinator, a district training coordinator and in recent years I have managed the Sharon and Tel Aviv districts in the Scout movement. I have extensive experience in developing guidance, resource management and large-scale activities and always try to bring with me a rich dose of creativity that will help you tailor the trip for you and your children and do everything to make you pleasant, comfortable, experiential and safe.

Yours, Anat Ben Dror

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